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Yearly Service Agreement

$210/Year = 2 Visits

Benefits of Regular Tune-Ups

✔️Ensures ongoing comfort and functionality of your living space.

✔️ Enhances system efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs.

✔️Extends the lifespan of your equipment by up to 25%.

✔️ Helps diagnose issues early, preventing expensive repairs in the long term.

With Your Yearly Service Agreement, You Can Expect:

➔ Priority Customer Status

➔ 10% Discount on parts

➔ No Overtime charges…EVER

➔ 2 Tune-ups per year

➔ Up to 1 LB of refrigerant

➔ 1-year Warranty on parts

Fall Tune-Up Includes

  • Furnace Inspection
  • Check Filters
  • Check Gas Valve Operation 
  • Inspect Pilot & Burners
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Blower Motor And Assembly
  • Check Capacitor %
  • Check Heat Strips (Air Handler)
  • Inspect Heat Pump (If Applicable)

Spring Tune-Up Includes

  • Inspect Condenser And Evaporator 
  • Check Refrigerant
  • Rate Compressor Performance 
  • Drain Pan Inspection
  • Clean Condensate Drain
  • Wash Condenser Coil
  • Lubricate All Necessary Parts
  • Check Capacitor % 
  • Check Motor Amps

Your purchase of this agreement authorizes Darrin Wood & Son Heating & Cooling to perform 2 tune-ups per year. This service is extended to all heating & air conditioning equipment. This agreement will stay in effect for one year from date of purchase, until a written notice of termination is received by either party. This agreement does not include any parts or labor to replace those parts that have been diagnosed to be unsafe or required to keep equipment operational.